Bold, Stylish, Unique… Strictly for style conscious people who like to make a statement! Tiffany Christine Jewelry™ was started in 2003 in Atlanta, Georgia by Tiffany Carter. Originally, designing jewelry started out as a hobby only intended to occupy Tiffany's spare time however, the hobby quickly turned into an addiction as Tiffany found herself making jewelry whenever and wherever she could.

Over the years, the line has flourished. Tiffany currently sells her jewelry at numerous arts shows as well as in a number of boutiques in Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX and Chicago, IL (her home town). She also holds public and private shows at different galleries and boutiques in an effort to market & promote her uniquely jewelry.

Specializing in designing and creating one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry, Tiffany loves using semi-precious stones and gems in addition to numerous types of metals in her jeweled creations. She frequently travels across the US and works with international contacts to find high quality & unique precious metals, semi-precious stones and gems in an effort to ensure that her pieces are creative and stand out among other jeweled creations.

Ultimately, Tiffany would like to open a boutique which will offer her unique jewelry, strands of semi-precious stones & gems, various types of glass artistry & other beads. For now, Tiffany continues to look for creative outlets to market her jewelry.

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